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    Not many of you will know that Beast Components is part of a group that comprises three companies. In addition to Beast Components we also represent CarboLife Technologies and Realize Engineering.

  • CeramicSpeed

    CeramicSpeed bearings for Sports disciplines

    CeramicSpeed is one of the world’s leading suppliers of ceramic bearings. The company consists of two specialised sales channels, focusing on cycling and industrial applications. We have more than 15 years of experience in bearings applications, and we have developed close relationships with our component suppliers over the time – each of whom are the very best in their fields. The CeramicSpeed Sport channel delivers both bearings as well as ultrafast racing chains, reinforcing the company’s goal of saving watts and delivering the lowest friction available. All our bearings are handmade and our chains are optimised by hand in Denmark.

  • edco

    Couvet is just half an hour driving from Neuchatel, one hour from Bern and two hours from Zurich or Geneva. This is the part of Switzerland where high precision mechanics has a long tradition and where precision tool makers and machine builders are based.

    Edco was founded in 1988 as successor of Dubied (est. 1876) in the field of general mechanics. Edco offered after sales service to thousands of Dubied latches around the world.

    The company became part of the Total Support Group of Rob van Hoek, a Dutch engineer and businessman. The TSG Group is a designing and engineering organization with customers such as Philips and ASML.

    Edco focused on the development and production of state of the art wheelsets in aluminum, carbon or a combination of these two materials. During this process a number of new processes were developed and patented.

    Sales of the Edco wheelsets started in 2009 and very soon the reputation of Edco was a fact.

  • Optima Sport

    Our systems include a control unit and a set of legs. The system uses compressed air to massage your legs, remove fluid and thereby provide faster recovery. By using our recoveryboots, you achieve comparable kneading and stretching of your muscles as occurs during a massage.

  • ROTOR Bike Components

    ROTOR Bike Components comes from one of the nerve centers of technological development in Spain, the Aeronautical Engineering School of Madrid.

    The basic idea of the ROTOR System comes from this school where some students developed the initial prototype in 1995. After the Head of the school approved the project, the University's Manufacturing Department helped with the creation of the prototypes.

  • Speedplay

    At Speedplay, all we make are bicycle pedals. We think about them every day so that you don't have to. We obsess over every detail so that you can think about important things like enjoying your ride.

  • Tacx Germany GmbH

  • THM

    THM is a European business in ultra-high technology manufacturing. 

  • Verve Cycling InfoCrank

    If you’re looking for the best cycling power meters, look no further than the InfoCrank by Verve Cycling. Not only are our InfoCrank power meters ideal for professional and amateur cyclists, but they’re also extremely reliable, accurate and designed to record left and right leg input. 

Showing 1 - 16 of 16 items