Optima Sport Recovery boots basis K6 Set

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Optima Sport Recovery boots basis K6

Our recovery boots basis K6 model give you value for money. Imagine having your own personal masseur to prepare you for the next training session or event.

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Optima Sport Recovery boots basis K6

With Optima Sport Basis K6, you get:

  • Better results with faster recovery
  • More efficient training and thus less time consumption
  • Lighter legs in the days after a strenuous workout
  • Prevention or shortening of injury periods

Optima Sport Recovery boots basis K6

When you are wearing the boots, the venous fluid is pressed back, which results in increased blood circulation, thus providing oxygen and nutrients around your muscles and helping to restore damaged tissues.

The treatment is comfortable and relaxing, and completely without risks or side effects.


Optima Sport Recovery Boots Basis K6 is our value for money model and includes a control unit and a set of legs with 6 overlapping chambers that can be switched on and off. You can choose the leg size that suits you best. The package also includes a carry bag, so you can easily bring your recovery boots with you everywhere.

Our recovery boots use compressed air to massage or remove venous fluid/swelling. This helps you to recover faster. The treatment feels like the kneading and stretching of muscles that occurs during massage.

Recovery Boots can also have a positive effect on e.g.:

  • Restless leg disorder
  • Oedema
  • Diabetes
  • Arthritis pain


This is what you get when you purchase Optima Sport recovery boots basis K6

Carry bag

An attractive carry bag, so that you can bring your recovery boots to a competition, a training camp or anywhere else.

6 overlapping zones

6 overlapping zones ensure good recovery, as there are no “dead spots” that are not treated. With basis K6, you get 3 zones at the top of your leg and 3 zones at the lower leg.


Easy set-up, no excuse for not being recovered for the next training session – you are ready after 5 minutes.

Digital controls

Gives you accurate and convenient control. It’s easily to select the program you want, as well as the intensity and duration of treatment.

Remote control

It is easy and convenient for you to customize the treatment the way you want it.

6 programs

With 6 different programs, you can choose the treatment that is right for you.

Program A: massage

Program B: lymphatic drainage

Program C: recovery

Program D: full squeeze (full pressure in all chambers simultaneously)

Program E: program B + C alternatively

Program F: program A + C + D alternatively

Duration of treatment

Do you want longer treatment after a hard workout? Choose between 1-90 minutes of treatment.

Boot sizes

Whether you have long or short legs, simply choose the size that suits you.

Medium: 110 cm long, 70 cm circumference at the top.

Large: 125 cm long, 75 cm circumference at the top.

To ensure the right size, measure your leg from the inside of the your leg to your heel.

Adjustment of intensity

Find the intensity that is right for you, with 30-240 mmHg. Can be used for:

  • Swelling (lymphoedema).
  • Fluid accumulation (lymphatic drainage).
  • Hard muscle massage.

Zone boost

Turn zones on and off and obtain the optimal treatment wherever you need it. For example, you can turn off places where you do not want to be treated. Conversely, places that are extra sore can receive additional treatment.

Zippers on the boots

Optima Recovery boots lynlaasBoots with zippers and hoses hidden away in the flow channel ensure you can get started quickly.

Easy to clean

A damp cloth is all you need if your recovery boots have become dirty.

Optima Sport Recovery boots basis K6 specifications

  • Optima Sport Recovery Boot is CE marked, which means it complies with EU legislation.
  • Optima Sport Recovery Boot is also RoHs labelled, which is an EU directive that guarantees that the product complies with the requirements and rules laid down by the directive regarding the use of hazardous substances in electronic equipment. This is in order to contribute to the protection of human health and the environment.
  • All of our recovery boots are equipped with pressure sensors, which allows you to adjust the pressure in the boot.
  • There is no risk associated with the treatment provided by our recovery boots. If you experience discomfort, however, you should stop your treatment or reduce the pressure in your boot.
  • If you are pregnant, have an aneurysm or are receiving treatment for thrombosis, you should consult a doctor before using the boots.
  • Note that our recovery boots are not designed for medical use. However, the boots are designed according to the same principles as those found in hospitals.
  • Recommended treatment time is 30 minutes per session.
  • Indicative pressure recommendation:
  • Swelling (Lymphoedema): 20-240 mmHg
  • Fluid accumulation (lymphatic drainage): 90-180 mmHg
  • Hard muscle massage: 180-240 mmHg

Volt: 220-240
Watt: 30
6 programme settings
Compression capacity 30-240 mmHg
Pressure sensor
Cord length1.5 m
Tube length 1.5 m

Highly durable and dirt-repellent material
SBS quality zippers.


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Optima Sport Recovery boots basis K6 Set

Optima Sport Recovery boots basis K6 Set

Optima Sport Recovery boots basis K6

Our recovery boots basis K6 model give you value for money. Imagine having your own personal masseur to prepare you for the next training session or event.

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